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User activation lacking CSS.

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  • User activation lacking CSS.

    Hey guys, I just installed 5.0.0 for the first time. Got it all working properly, etc.. all seems to be perfect. Went to make a test user to make sure emails were coming through and they were, received the activation link for my test user. Upon clicking the link the activation page loaded without any CSS content. I did not see PHP throw any errors, upon viewing the source code for the page output, I saw the css.php being linked with some parameters. Tested out the link, and got a blank page (no errors.) Though I messed something up, so now I'm here looking for a solution.

    Here's the interesting part, while registering here, same thing happened on The activation link I got in my email from this forum here, also failed to load CSS, here was the CSS the forum linked: as you can see it's blank.

    It seems to have something to do with 'css_additional.css'. I saw a reference to it in an old post with the 5.x beta, but no solution there.

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    This bug will be fixed in 5.0.1 -


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      Glad to hear it a known issue. Do I need anything special to get JIRA access? When I try my login it redirects me to the forums.


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        It should start working for you soon. You will need to be logged into the forum to see the tracker.


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          Thanks Joe, it's working now!


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