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When forum Runner going to be activated?

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  • dkobia
    Rants & Praises
    by dkobia
    First, I've been running a VB forum with almost 90K Members and over a million posts. I am a big fan of VB and one of the few php apps I'm willing to pay for. I'm a major proponent of open source software...
    Sun 14 Apr '13, 9:26am
  • Mondy
    vB5 & SSL Requirements
    by Mondy
    Hi all -

    Just thinking a few steps ahead here -

    Currently, we run vB4.2 on a '.com' domain and our Facebook App files on an '.org' domain, the latter provided with a SSL Certificate...
    Sun 23 Sep '12, 5:59pm
  • allanh
    vBulletin 5.... so slow
    by allanh
    I have been a user of vBulletin for nearly 11 years now and I have run several forums in the past. I must say that it has been the industry-leading forum software for as long as I can remember.
    Sun 27 Oct '13, 5:26pm
  • Muhammad
    Comments on VB5 Connect
    by Muhammad
    Overall Appearance/GUI
    Updated, yes, and cleaner yes, but perhaps too much of a change. it looks and feels like a simple, dumbed-down version of a forum, and there are really no visible design...
    Thu 13 Sep '12, 9:28am