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  • mscottralston
    • Jan 2014
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    • 4.2.X

    Thread Display Mode?

    Hi everyone,

    I am trying to figure out how to get Thread Display Mode to work effectively in my forums. First of all, it isn't even available on the backend as an option for me to check or uncheck as part of the default registration options, and I have no idea why (this is a 5.2.6 forum, so the manual makes me expect it

    So that's one issue.

    Furthermore, I can't find these options anywhere in the admincp:

    Forum Display Options (forumdisplay)
    Thread Display Options (showthread)
    Threaded / Hybrid Mode Options (showthread)

    But, more importantly, I'd really like to better understand what level of control I -- and my forum users -- will have over these various modes. Can non-administrators change their thread display mode at will? For particular threads? How does it work? I'm really having a hard time understanding it from the documentation.

    Thanks a lot for your help!
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  • Mark.B
    vBulletin Support
    • Feb 2004
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    • 6.0.X

    Threaded and hybrid modes were removed in vBulletin 5.
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    • mscottralston
      • Jan 2014
      • 41
      • 4.2.X

      Thank you.


      • Wayne Luke
        vBulletin Technical Support Lead
        • Aug 2000
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        • 6.0.X

        vBulletin 5 has two display modes. Posts and Latest Activity (Stream View). Users can select which appears by clicking on the appropriate tab or choosing their display mode under Settings -> Activity.

        As the Administrator, you can choose how Stream View is sorted... You can have the most recent posts at the top, the most popular posts at the top, or featured posts at the top. You would have to experiment with these settings to find one that work for your community. You can control these settings by going to any conversation page and clicking "Edit Page" in the Site Builder Menu at the top of the page. Click the pencil icon for the Conversation Detail Module and choose "Edit Module" from the menu. There are few options here that can modify how your topics look.
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