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  • Adding a home page tab


    Goal to create a static html page called hom and have it default to the "/" page. This page will have misc content (not overly important). Then the users can choose to go to Blogs, etc.

    Issue created: When you go to my url "" the home tab and the forums tab mirror one another. I am stuck as to how to about fixing this issue. If I change one it changes the other. The goal was to turn the home page into the "What's trending page" and be the default page when users to go the site.

    I am a new first time user. I have been apart of many communities that have used Vbulletin board. So I wanted to give it. I have posted another topic where I got no response and I've sent an email to support with no response. I've tried removing the pages and creating new ones and for some reason the two tabs always seem to conflict. I am looking for some advise to help.

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    Never mind. I figured this out. For some reason using the word Forums breaks everything but when I changed the "Forums" navigation tab from "Forums" to "forum" everything started working correctly. Is there anyway I can actually look to see what pages are created? I have a feeling I might have some duplicates.


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