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Important Information about the Static HTMLModule.

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  • Important Information about the Static HTMLModule.

    The Static HTML Module allows you to provide a lot of customization to your site including embedding from other sites, slideshows and even small custom games. However it does have a few caveats when being used...

    1) There can only be one <html>, <head> or <body> tag per page. If your HTML includes these, they need to be removed or you need to encapsulate it within an <iframe> element.

    2) If your code requires HTML that is supposed to be in the <head> of the page you would need to add this to the header template or add it at the top of your HTML Module, or encapsulate your code in an <iframe> element. The second method is preferred.

    3) If you want the content of the module to refresh automatically using Meta Refresh it must be encapsulated within an <iframe> element.

    4) vBulletin 5 uses HTML 5, not XHTML. So you need to make sure your code is HTML 5 compatible.

    5) For formatting and layout of your modules, it is preferred that you use CSS to do so. This would ideally be placed in the css_additional.css template. To understand CSS Hierarchy, we recommend using Firebug, an addon for Mozilla Firefox, or its equivalent.

    6) It is expected that you have basic general knowledge of HTML and CSS to use this module. While support staff can provide help with some things, we can't write HTML code for your site or provide training in HTML. If you want to learn HTML, there is a good beginner course at W3Schools. If you would rather a printed book, Sitepoint Publications has good books on a variety of topics. This doesn't mean that you shouldn't ask questions. We'll try to help as best we can on all questions. However a developer's website might be able to provide better insight into third-party problems.
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    There is also the PHP module available, but none of them (the HTML module or the PHP module) are working if we need to combine PHP and HTML to achieve our needed results.

    For instance how to add this small piece of code in the PHP module? :


    <?php for($i=1;$i<=5;$i++){ ?>

    <li>Menu Item <?php echo $i; ?></li>

    <?php } ?>



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