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Common Issues & Quick Tutorials

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  • Wayne Luke
    How to make the Topics the default option on Forum Channels
    1. Enter Site Builder and click Edit Page while on a Forum Sub-Channel.
    2. Edit the Sub-Channel by clicking its pencil icon.
    3. Set the "Default Tab" option to Topics.
    4. Save the Module.
    5. Save the Page.
    6. Turn Off Site Builder.

    To have individual forums save different listing options, save each as a different template otherwise the changes above will apply to all forums.

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  • Wayne Luke
    How to make the Forum Directory the default tab on the "Latest Activity Module".
    1. Enter Site Builder and click Edit Page while on your Forum Home Page.
    2. Edit the Latest Activity Module by clicking its pencil icon.
    3. Set the "Default Tab" option to Forum Directory.
    4. If you wish, you can rearrange the tabs by dragging and dropping them into the order you wish.
    5. Save the Module.
    6. Save the Page.
    7. Turn Off Site Builder.

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  • Wayne Luke
    How do I create a Custom Static Page?

    In order to do this, you would enter Site builder and follow these steps:

    1. Click "Add Page" in the Site Builder Menu.
    2. Choose a Layout. For this example, choose the 100% width layout.
    3. Click the Add Module tab on the page editor.
    4. Add one or more modules. In this example, let's add a Static HTML Module.
    5. Drag the module to the second outlined box on the page (there are three faint outlines).
    6. Click the Module's pencil icon to edit it.
    7. Give the Module a name. For example "Privacy Policy"
    8. Enter the HTML code for your static page in the HTML box.
    9. Save the Module.
    10. Click Save Page at the top of the screen.
    11. Give the Page a name. Following our Example, give it the name Privacy Policy.
    12. The URL should fill in on its own.
    13. Fill out the Meta Keywords and Description if you wish.
    14. Give the Page a new template name like "Privacy Policy".
    15. Click Save.

    To access your new page enter the full URL or if you're linking in the Navigation Items just put the /PrivacyPolicy ending.

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  • Wayne Luke
    How do I add a privacy policy or a link to my rules in my footer?

    In previous versions of vBulletin, you were able to specify a link in the vBulletin Options to provide an URL to your privacy policy. This created a link that appeared in the Footer. How do I do this in vBulletin 5?

    You would need to create a new Footer Navigation Item. To do this follow these steps:

    1. Login with a Super Administrator to access Site Builder.
    2. With Site Builder Active, click on Footer.
    3. Next click "+New Navigation Item"
    4. In the Navigation Item Name field enter "Privacy Policy".
    5. In the Target URL field enter the URL of your Privacy Policy. (How to create a custom HTML page - url here)
    6. Set the Open in New Window attribute as you wish.
    7. Click Save.

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  • Wayne Luke
    started a topic Common Issues & Quick Tutorials

    Common Issues & Quick Tutorials

    This thread will be a location where staff can post common issues that customers will encounter.

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