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Deleting leftover tables from the past

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  • Deleting leftover tables from the past

    I'm doing some housekeeping after 20 years on VB and it looks like some tables that are no longer used are still sitting in the database. I compared our database to a fresh install , both 5.6.7, and the differences are listed below. Could you please confirm that none of these tables are necessary for vb 5.6.7 to function correctly. Yes, I'll have a current backup fore I do anything stupid.

    I'm assuming these were VB tables at one point and have been replaced with others. The ones that start with tachy could be from a product that predates my tenure as the admin.
    attachment 6.9m ?
    ipdata 5m ?
    legacyevent 112k ?
    postindex 393m ?
    tachyforumcounter 16k ?
    tachyforumpost 32k ?
    tachythreadcounter 16k ?
    tachythreadpost 32k ?

    I'm assuming these are leftover from VB4 CMS and are no longer needed and just didn't get deleted during an upgrade.
    cms_article 1.5M Confirm Delete
    cms_category 32k Confirm Delete
    cms_grid 32k Confirm Delete
    cms_layout 16k Confirm Delete
    cms_layoutwidget 32k Confirm Delete
    cms_navigation 16k Confirm Delete
    cms_node 176k Confirm Delete
    cms_nodecategory 32k Confirm Delete
    cms_nodeconfig 32k Confirm Delete
    cms_nodeinfo 112k Confirm Delete
    cms_permissions 48k Confirm Delete
    cms_rate 32k Confirm Delete
    cms_sectionorder 16k Confirm Delete
    cms_widget 48k Confirm Delete
    cms_widgetconfig 16k Confirm Delete
    cms_widgettype 32k Confirm Delete

    I'm pretty sure these are leftover from the VB3/4 product VBAdvanced and should be deleted.
    adv_modules 64k DELETE
    adv_pages 80k DELETE
    adv_pages_user 16k DELETE
    adv_setting 48k DELETE
    adv_settinggroup 16k DELETE

    Finally, these are tied to active products
    tapatalk_push_user 2.2k Active
    tapatalk_status 1.1k Active
    vbimghost 160k Active

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    You can delete the tables from third-party modules including the tachy*, adv_*, tapatalk*, and vbimghost tables.

    When it is determined that a table is no longer needed, there is typically an upgrade step inserted to delete them. If it is decided the information may be useful in the future, the table is kept. If you feel that you do not need this data, there is a dbcompare.phar script included in do_not_upload/dbtools that you can use to compare your database against a clean vBulletin installation database. The instructions for using it are at the bottom of this article: vBulletin 5 Database Tools
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