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Forum "dead" after upgrade from 5.6.4 to last version 5.6.5

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  • Forum "dead" after upgrade from 5.6.4 to last version 5.6.5

    1. vBulletin Version - 5.6.6
    2. PHP Version - 7.4.19 (tried 8.0 without success)
    3. MySQL Version - 5.6.51-91.0-log
    4. Any Addons installed: Tapatalk (try to disable hook without success)
    5. Does the issue occur in a default style ? do not work
    6. Does the issue occur using the English language provided? yes
    7. Error message on the screen: no one
    8. Browser and Browser version used: tested chrome and edge
    9. Did you clear the browser cache and did the error continue? of course
    10. A list of steps that can be used to recreate the issue log to the home page
    11. Output of the error with vBulletin in Debug Mode.: tested debug mode, no message displayed
    12. If the issue is an Invalid Server (500 server error) response, the web server and PHP logs that correspond with its timestamp. no

      After upgrade (without error) from 5.6.4 to 5.6.5 my vbulletin stopped to work.
      No error message, no anything.
      What i can do ?
      Thank u.


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    I tried to re-upgrade and i clicked on option and i've this message.
    Of course javascript is enabled. The same in chrome and edge.
    If i do not click on option i can finish the upgrade without errors but the forum do not work after upgrade.

    Startup Errors

    Due to the following errors, the install/upgrade can not continue:
    • Javascript support within your browser may be disabled; this is required to continue. If javascript is enabled, verify that this file is in place:

      Upgrade Javascript


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      I did a rollback to 5.6.4.


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        Javascript is necessary to use vBulletin if you use Ad-blocking or Script blocking software, then you should white list your site so it operates properly.

        What is the actual error that you were encountering after update? This isn't actually listed anywhere in your posts. Since you rolled back, there is no point going to your site to see the issue.
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