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Classified Ads Section -- Best Options?

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  • Classified Ads Section -- Best Options?

    I would love to see a full development of a classified ads add-on for vBulletin 5, but ti doesn't appear that this is a very popular request, so I am wondering if there are other options.

    My forum has a classified ads section, and in those forums I have tried to force my users to list certain details about the items they're selling (mostly boats).

    Here's what I would like to do. Any help would be appreciated.

    1. Have the first post in every thread (in the classified forums) be a form that contains certain required fields.

    2. Part of the form should set the prefix for the post to one of the available choices (Active, Reduced, Sold, Inactive, etc.).

    3. The prefix should be editable by the original poster, so that once the item sells, it can be marked as sold in the prefix. (This is already in place, but hardly anyone uses it!)

    4. Once the prefix is set to Sold or Inactive, the thread should automatically be moved to the Inactive Items forum.

    Items 1 and 4 are my biggest desires, especially the form for the first post in each thread, to force the users to enter the required information.

    Any ideas on how to make this work?

    You can see the current state of the classifieds section at the URL below.

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    1) This would require custom coding. I don't know of an existing solution that would do this. There is an open request here:

    2) Users can already set the prefix when creating a topic.

    3) Editing the topic allows them to update the prefix.

    4) This would require custom coding but can be done through the API.

    There is a request to add a Classified Ads content type here:

    The content type request needs fleshing out before the developers can actually commit to it.
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