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  • Indexed, not submitted in sitemap


    Why most of topics are not submitted in sitemap?

    Many times, I request indexing my vbulletin topics directly from google because it is not submitted in sitemap

    How can I solve this and let sitemap contains all my topics?

    If there is no solution, then
    Is there any paid service that can make a good sitemap for forums?


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    The Sitemap will only include content that can viewed by guests. If you hide this content in anyway, it will not be included. Having this content indexed by Google actually violates their rules and will get you banned for eternity.

    Each topic gets one indexed link. It serves no point to have page 252 of a topic indexed. In fact, these pages tell engines like Google to index page 1 instead.

    Other than that, I guess it depends on how often it gets rebuilt based on your scheduled tasks. Google should automatically index any page that is linked and viewable by guest users when it visits your site. Whether it is in the Sitemap or not.
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