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Upgraded from 4.1.12 to 5.6.4 and have issues

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  • [Resolved] Upgraded from 4.1.12 to 5.6.4 and have issues

    I followed the upgrade instructions. Backed up my site, deleted all vb4 files and folders, updated php and mysql, uploaded the upload folder, ran the upgrade script. Things didn't go super smoothly but I was able to google my way out of the errors.

    However I can't figure this one out. The old forums were not in a "core" directory and I didn't think of that being an issue until the upgrade was complete. The site loads a main vbulletin page but none of the links work. Can't log in, keep getting 404 errors and I'm thinking because I didn't consider the "core" folder becoming an issue.

    So any easy fixes? Or should I just delete the core folder and upload the contents in the root directory?

    Site in question:

    PHP 7.2
    MySQL 5.6

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    Nothing should be directly accessed with a /core/ in the URL. Especially not from end users. All URLs go through index.php which loads the appropriate files.

    Are you using the default .htaccess file we ship? This is shipped as htaccess.txt and needs to be renamed to .htaccess (the period is required). If you're not using Apache, you need to use the URL Rewrite and provided web.config file for IIS or modify the NGINX Server Block to include the rewrite rules in the /do_not_upload/nginx_php7.vhost file.
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      Forgot the .

      However there is one issue that needs fixing asap so I can open the forums. The admin cp link is going to the https link when I don't have that set up yet. IE when I click on the admin link it goes to https:// .... and gives me a blank page.

      I'm waiting for access from my tech dude to the domain registrar in order to install the ssl cert so we can use https (if that sounds right good, if not ... I'm a newb)


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        Appears to have been a "cache" issue We're good to go now (hopefully).


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