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    I have some questions (possible issues) concerning AdminCP -> Options -> Tagging Options.

    1. Tag Cloud: Number of Tags. Whatever number I put in here, I only get to see around 20 tags in my tag cloud. I tried 10, 99, 999... Is there somewhere else to set it? I couldn't find any options for it in Site Builder.
    2. Tag Cloud: Build Usergroup. I'm not 100% sure this works as expected. Even a low-privileged usergroup seems to be able to see subforums that should be hidden.
    3. Search Tag Cloud: History (Days). I don't understand exactly what this is supposed to do. Are the tags changed in some way when somebody searches for them?

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    1. I don't believe this option works. I haven't actually tested it though.
    2. Tags are not related to sub-forums in anyway. If you do not use permissions to remove access to sub-forums, everyone in the world has access to them if they have a link. Hiding Forums most commonly means setting their display order to 0. This method applies absolutely no security benefit. I don't even see a valid use case for the feature but customers demanded it as feature parity with order versions of vBulletin.
    3. I don't know either. Tags don't have a date associated with them.

    I would suspect that over time with changes, this module and its underlying search need to be refactored. But I haven't looked at the code recently. Very few customers use Tags and this reduces priority on developing functionality. Though this is a catch-22 since development of features is needed to improve the features adoption.
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