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  • Latest Activity Tab - Database Error

    When a guest user clicks the "Latest Activity" tab on the forum, the AJAX call returns a database error. The following query gets generated:

    PHP Code:
    SELECT DISTINCT CASE WHEN starter.nodeid IN (15,23,24) OR starter.parentid in (15,23,24THEN starter.nodeid ELSE node.lastcontentid END AS nodeidnode.parentidnode.userid FROM node as node JOIN closure AS closure ON node.nodeid closure.child WHERE node.starter node.nodeid AND node.contenttypeid <> 29 AND node.showpublished AND closure.parent '18' AND node.nodeid <> closure.parent AND node.inlist AND node.protected <> '1' AND node.lastcontent >= 1609866328 AND (node.public_preview OR ( ( ( (node.parentid IN (1,2,13,14,16,25,40,47,3,18,32,9,19,33,48,6,20,30,21,46,51,12,50,37,34,27) ) AND node.showapproved AND node.viewperms AND node.showpublished )) OR ( node.nodeid IN (15,23,24) OR node.parentid IN (15,23,24) ) OR node.parentid AND node.userid IN (0))) ORDER BY node.lastcontent DESC LIMIT 100
    The error:
    Unknown column 'starter.nodeid' in 'field list'
    There is no alias or reference to anything called 'starter'. Changing 'starter' to 'node' seems to fix it.

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    You're experiencing this in vBulletin 5.6.4? This issue was resolved with this report: vBulletin Issue Tracker ~ [CLOSED] VBV-20517 - (Regression) 5.6.3 activity searches causing error: Unknown column 'starter.nodeid' in 'field list'

    The issue occurs when you have usergroups that can view topics in a channel but cannot view the content of those topics. There is a patch for 5.6.3 here:

    However, upgrading to 5.6.4 is the best course of action.
    Translations provided by Google.

    Wayne Luke
    The Rabid Badger - a vBulletin Cloud demonstration site.
    vBulletin 5 API


    • southstar86
      southstar86 commented
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      Thanks! we are running version 5.6.3, so that makes sense.
      Last edited by southstar86; Fri 5 Feb '21, 10:13am.

    • southstar86
      southstar86 commented
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      Is there a way in the Issue Tracker to see which issues were fixed in each release?

    • Wayne Luke
      Wayne Luke commented
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      Yes... At least since it was implemented. Issues resolved before the implementation of Bug Genie were not migrated over due to technical reasons. You can choose "Closed" issues from the issue drop down and add additional filters by clicking the "Plus" button. This includes filtering by milestone (version). Most issues do not have patches or resolutions attached to them. The fixes are released with their respective versions.

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