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    can they reinstate my vb 4 forum and gie me my mony back ? Clearly the new product cant do the same as the old


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      You can restore your vBulletin 4 database and pick up where it left off. Any data created after upgrading to vBulletin 5 will be lost. vBulletin 5 has a completely different database structure and that is not backwards compatible. I do understand change is hard, but if your site is busy enough the occurrences of both post and topic starter showing in a module should be low. Really just a period of adapting and learning how to take advantage of the newer capabilities.

      I cannot speak about refunds. You have to contact sales on that.
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        Well I'll think about it ... I can see I'm not the first to question the problem .. just dont understand why your devs take the notion to change something good for the worse and just keep fobbing people off about it they know better ? .. people dont have time to click here there and everywhere .. if the info doesn't come up on first look .. 'boom' they're off and that aint no good for memberships.... or your platform


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