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Admins dont see all the options available in the admincp

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  • [Bug / Issue] Admins dont see all the options available in the admincp

    Hi, I just created a brand new forum but when I try to add new users "Administrators" when the logging they don't see any option in the admincp

    Any idea?

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    You can grant administrator permissions using your existing admin account.

    Go to AdminCP > Usergroups > Administrator Permissions, and select the chosen admin. You can grant whichever permissions you wish.

    You can also make other admins a super administrator by adding their userid to this line in /core/includes/config.php:

    $config['SpecialUsers']['superadmins'] = '1';

    You would separate the userids with commas, like this:

    $config['SpecialUsers']['superadmins'] = '1,8,64';

    Note this will grant ALL permissions, so be careful who you do it for!

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      The problem is that the function is not working

      I have several administrators in the site as you see in the picture:

      but I can just see the options with Recox (id 1) with NicoHong I can't see anything as you see in the image.


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        Access to different areas of the AdminCP is controlled by permissions. When you create a new Administrator account, immediately after saving the user account, a message is displayed at the top of the screen in Read that says "Edit Administrator Permissions." If you do not do this, then they have no permissions and cannot access anything more than a Moderator can see in the ModCP. This is by design.

        You can adjust Administrator Permissions after the fact by going to "Usergroups -> Administrator Permissions" and assigning access to the areas they should have access to. The best security practice is to only give permission they need to have access to. If you don't want your site "stolen" from you, you should also list your own ID as uneditable/deletable in the /core/includes/config.php file.
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