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    I have users contacting me to say that the forum is "wonky" not sure exactly what that means so I tried to make a post on my own forum and this is what happened. I am thinking this is wonky. It
    says "working" and then comes up with this error. If I go to another topic and then return it did in fact post. I think this is what the users are complaining about. What causes this and what is the fix for it?

    Click image for larger version

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    Want to add that this does not occur when you edit an already existing post that you made.


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      It looks like you're running version 5.6.2

      You might want to upgrade to version 5.6.4 and see if that resolves the issue.

      500 errors are impossible to identify without more information. Do your server logs have any information?


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        When did this start happening? What changed on the server?

        Even if the vBulletin software didn't change, changes in the underlying PHP or Apache/NGINX configurations can cause errors like this. vBulletin isn't an application in the truest sense on the word. It is a series of PHP scripts that are interpreted at runtime (e.g.: when the user requests the page or clicks a button) to create web pages. This is all dependent on the actual web server stack of Apache/NGINX/ISS, PHP, and MySQL/MariaDB. Changing these to unsupported versions can cause errors in vBulletin.

        In order to see the actual cause of a 500 server error, there are two logs that need to be investigated. The Web Server Access log. It will log the 500 server error and the time it occurred. Then there is the PHP Error Log. It will log any PHP specific errors that occurred at the that time. These two logs are the only evidence that such an error occurred. vBulletin doesn't know what the specific 500 error is or it would display something different.
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