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User PM count incorrect, no PM showing

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  • User PM count incorrect, no PM showing

    Hi Vb team,

    Hope all is well for you.

    I have a pretty specific and weird issue at hand : I have a user (calling it user X) that was merged with another new one (calling it User Y) without any PM, the older user X had around 1000 PM in his inbox. After the merge, the merged user Y doesn't have any PM anymore in his inbox.

    In the database the pmtotal column is showing 0, but by looking at the contenttype 15 with his new userid for User Y, I can see all the PM being there.

    The problem is pretty bothering for two reasons : the first one being the user has effectively lost all his PM since he can't see them in his inbox and people that answer to previous PM conversation don't see that the PM are not visible for the user Y and they don't show up as new or old PM conversation for the merged user Y.

    What I've tried so far :
    - Clearing the cache
    - Updating PM count

    Made no difference

    We are running Vbulletin 5.4.2

    I'm wondering if there's any query or anything I could update manually to make those PM effectively linked to this user account, it seems trivial to me as the main connections are here in the database, the user ID is matching the username but from a frontend point of view and from the Admin CP point of view, this user has 0 private message

    Thanks for any help & pointers you could provide

    Updated info :
    1. vBulletin Version - 5.4.2
    2. PHP Version - 7.2.24
    3. MySQL Version - 10.3.17-MariaDB
    4. Any Addons installed - Many but none related to Private messaging (mostly frontend plugins), Tapatalk would be the only one
    5. Does the issue occur in a default style? Yes, all styles
    6. Does the issue occur using the English language provided? Yes
    7. Error message on the screen. No error message
    8. Browser and Browser version used. All browser tried
    9. Did you clear the browser cache and did the error continue? Yes
    10. A list of steps that can be used to recreate the issue. Logging into the user account, checking PM Inbox
    11. Output of the error with vBulletin in Debug Mode. No error output
    12. If the issue is an Invalid Server (500 server error) response, the web server and PHP logs that correspond with its timestamp. Not related
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    .5.4.2 is pretty old and out of date. There have been hundreds of issues and bugs resolved in the last two years. Including a number surrounding PMs. Please upgrade to 5.6.4 then delete the system cache and update PM Counts.

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    Wayne Luke
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      That was the answer I was more or less expecting, but not the one I was hoping for unfortunately.

      We have an update to the latest version planned, but updating is not that easy, especially with plugin installed that are not compatible with more recent version, so there's a lot of work involved in an update process.

      Would you still have any tips on what I would need to look for in the database to see a missing link here ? Private message with their associated nodes are correctly routed to the new user id but I'm assuming there's something somewhere still linked to the previous user ID that was merged into the new one.
      Not looking for a ready made solution or something that would take you a lot of time, but just some pointer as to what to look for, the database is complex and despite having it explored it pretty thoroughly in the past, there's a lot of area where this could be located.

      Thank in advance for any help you could offer


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        What are the values of the pmtotal and pmunread fields in that user's record? (user table)

        If they are 0 then try setting them to a non-zero number to see what happens.

        Also make sure the new user has a PM quota large enough to cover the number of PMs they have.
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        Wayne Luke
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          Thanks for the pointers, much appreciated, I know it's out of the scope of support given the outdated version, but it's pleasant to hear.

          I tried that earlier, the user was on 3 PM (pmtotal, haven't touched to pmunread) due to testings but tried to set them up to around 500 but it made no difference.

          I also tried to fix broken user profile from the admin control panel, just in case, but it said it didn't find any broken user profile.

          I have no problem with looking into the database in obscure sections, but I wouldn't want to waste time if there's just no way to find the broken link, if you have any other tips, I'm open to suggestions

          Thanks again


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