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Users could not select Vbulletin Theme.

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  • Users could not select Vbulletin Theme.

    Hi vBulletin Team,

    Sorry for starting 2 issue topics but this is a different issue.

    As administrator I could select themes at the lower left footer. I understand this selection is not available for mobile users and guests. But my users are telling me that they could have select it either. I set up a test user account and fond that it is true, there is no selection.

    I run through the various admincp menus and only found 2 that I have enable users theme selection. (See both attachments) Is there something else I have to turn on?

    Many thanks in advance again.


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    I think you must go to Styles | Style Manager where you can set for every single template in Edit Style Options | Edit Settings option Allow User Selection to Yes.


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      Yes, it works. Thanks DaMi3300 for your guidance.



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        In the Style Manager, you can check the box on the left for each theme you want available and then "Save Display Order" at the bottom. You don't have to manually edit the style settings for each one.
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          AH! Even easier. Thanks Wayne. If you can me help resolve the issue about the JSON error with saving post, I would be very grateful. (Topic: Error while saving content: %1$s)


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