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  • [Bug / Issue] Deletion notes and permissions


    The forum I run requires all new topics to be approved by an admin, usually me, and there's only one part of the forum to start new topics, when they are approved they get moved to the relevant part of the forum, where users are able to respond to existing topics but not create new ones.

    A few weeks ago, someone posted a new topic that I didn't want to approve, so just left it sitting there, unapproved, until around a week ago, when I decided to soft-delete it. I didn't think regular users were able to see soft-deleted posts, only admins are meant to see them. I added a little deletion note as I normally do, but this one was a little rude. It was for the admin that helps me the most to see it and have a bit of a laugh, but it never occurred to me that the member who made the post would be able to see the deletion notice!

    It was my most embarrassing moment when I saw the member in question had posted a screenshot of the deletion notice with my comments, under another thread. I ended up hard-deleting both posts. He was not pleased and another member also saw the screenshot before me.

    Went to admincp to look at permissions and Can See Deletion Notices is set to No everywhere, both from the main Registered Users user group and in the channel where the post was made and deleted unapproved, so I don't understand how he was able to see it. Any ideas?

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    A change was made a while back that allows users to view unapproved posts that they create. I believe this was in the 5.5.X series. This allows them to know that the message was actually submitted instead of seeing nothing. If the post was deleted without bring approved, then it would be both "unapproved" and "deleted". Depending on how permissions are handled (I haven't looked at the code) then there is the possibility that they can see them still.

    If you feel this is a bug and that a soft-deleted post should always be hidden to the user then you should create a bug report in our issue tracker. The link is in the header of this page.
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