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Member keeps getting question mark at end of his post

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  • Member keeps getting question mark at end of his post

    A member hs an issue cropping up where at the end of his message there is a "?" symbol inserted where you would expect a period

    I have enquired as to what he is using to post but any suggestions would be appreciated

    - John

    Thanks In Advance


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    A question mark in a black diamond means the character wasn't found in the current HTML character set. If they are somehow entering in some UTF-8 variant of a character then it might not show if you're not using the UTF-8 HTML character set for your language.

    You can change the character set for your language by editing the language under Languages & Phrases -> Language Manager.
    Translations provided by Google.

    Wayne Luke
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      Cheers Wayne

      It was an odd one, it was always the last character in the message. Seems to have stopped now.

      Example i cut/paste. Only one user so very unlikely it was going to be forum related but was wondering if there was a scenario where the browser or platform used to post the mesage that would cause it. Posts were from his Android phone

      I will keep plodding on tho. ?

      Thanks In Advance



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