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v 5.6.2+ how to include an external HTML page?

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  • v 5.6.2+ how to include an external HTML page?


    I have a script, that updates a HTML page once per hour (it's a calendar, but I can grab the HTML only). That content is to be included as is on my vB 5.6.2+ (going to update to 5.6.3 soon) installation.
    Until 5.6.1, I used the PHP module, loading the file via HTTP request, and echoed it to the page.
    Now, the PHP module has been disabled (see, and this technique is not working anymore.

    Since the HTML file is completely static upon loading the file, I do not really need the PHP code around it. Simply including the file would be totally fine. Is there any way to do so?
    Please note: I cannot simply copy the file's content as a static content. While this would work of course, the updates would get lost - or keep me busy updating the static content manually.

    Thanks for your help.


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    Provided that your server's security policy allows it, I suggest using the Static HTML Module and loading your external page in an <iframe> element. This is probably the better method than using the PHP module originally.
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      Yeah, thank you - the iFrame did the job. Thanks a lot


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