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  • Making a post "Featured"

    When I am logged in as an administrator I can make a post "sticky" and I can also make a post "featured". When I make a post sticky I see that it is highlighted different that a normal post and it moves to the top. When I make a post "features" It is highlighted differently than a sticky post. I can visually see the difference while logged in as admin. but, when I login using an account that is not admin, I can see no difference between a sticky and featured post. They are both highlighted the same as the sticky post.

    Question 1, Is there a way I can get the post marked as "featured" to look different than a "sticky" post for all users, like I see when logged in as admin?

    Questions 2 Is there a way to get a "featured" post to move to the top of all posts and stay above the sticky posts?

    Thanks you in advance.

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    1) The current highlight is meant for site staff to quickly identify a featured topic in the list so they can "unfeature" them if need be. You can apply custom CSS to add highlights for other users. IN the topic list you should be able target custom CSS at the .topic-list .featured CSS class identifier to apply your own custom CSS. When viewing the topic, a featured topic will have both the .featured and .b-post--featured CSS classes assigned to the topic starter (first post). You can use these classes to assign custom CSS to that post such as changing the background.

    You would put your custom CSS in the css_additional.css template for your style(s).

    2) Only through a search module which looks for featured topics. Such as this one:

    That is just a basic search module with the JSON below entered into the "Advanced" editor's JSON box:

    Alternatively, the Content Slider module will show featured topics with its default configuration.
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