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Looking for 2 Settings

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  • Wayne Luke
    The first is a module option. So you would go to any forum and click "Edit Page" in the Site Builder menu at the top of the screen. Edit the options of the "Channel Display Module." Save the module. Save the page.

    For the second option, this has to be set on the image. You can edit the content, double-click the image to change its options and there is an option to determine where this opens. In vBulletin 5.6.4, we're opening these images in a Lightbox Overlay instead of overwriting the tab. This means the user can close the lightbox and stay on the same tab.

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  • GreenGauntlet
    started a topic Looking for 2 Settings

    Looking for 2 Settings

    I am looking through all the settings regularly to get more familiar w/what settings are where. I have two tweaks I'm after if anyone would be kind enough to point me in the right direction? :] #1 Tweak I'm looking for is on the front of the forum when u first enter I'm showing 10 topics before it lists a 2nd page. I would like to show 20 topics (basically so all can be seen from where u first enter). #2 Tweak is when someone posts an image on a thread and u click on it, it brings up that image in the same window. So, if u exit that window it will close the entire forum. I'd like for images posted, when clicked on, for them to open up a new tab, so u can close the image when done viewing and stay in the forum. Any help appreciate! Ty! :]

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