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cookie prefix from config.php ignored in vb562?

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  • cookie prefix from config.php ignored in vb562?

    We have in core/includes/config.php

    $config['Misc']['cookieprefix'] = 'bb';

    yet cookies set by vbulletin on login have NO prefix at all?

    Is that setting from config.php no longer used? We'd like to have SOME prefix at least for such generic cookie names as 'password' to differentiate them from other site (same sub domain, not a vb forum)

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    A cookie prefix needs to be defined in /config.php as well. By default we define this as 'bb' on new installs but it may have been changed on your site in the past. This would be used on the front-end. It should match the /core/includes/config.php value.

    A cookie prefix isn't actually required so it could be blank if all your running is vBulletin.
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      We only had the includes/config.php from vb4 which we copied the relevant values into core/includes/config.php . Didn't realize cookie prefix was defined in two places. Found the empy prefix in root config.php and fixed it here, thanks!


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