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Blog URL issues.

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  • Blog URL issues.

    After upgrading from 4.2.5 to 5.6.3a4 we have the problem that all paths to the migrated blogs don't start correctly with "blogs/" but start directly on the domain level.

    Example: (actual state) instead of (seen on every other vb5-system) Paths are stored in the table routenew without the beginning "blogs/", so it can't just be a htaccess rewrite problem. If you create a new blog, it will be linked even without the leading directory "blogs/" (but there is no new enty in routenew).
    In a counter test, the same problem was now (too late...) found in a fresh installation of 5.6.2. Is there any interaction between the htaccess file and the paths stored in routenew during update?

    Can we heal the URLs of existing blogs by adding "blogs/" in the prefix and regex columns of the routenew table? How is the problem solved when creating new blogs?

    Since somebody can possibly start a blog called "articles" or something like that, this is a major issue for us.
    Paul M. 14.12.2012: You already know vB4 isnt being worked on atm, so of course no bugs are going to have been fixed in the last few months, nor are they going to get fixed "now".

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    Click on Blogs in the main navigation bar.
    Turn on Site Builder by clicking the "Edit Site" toggle.
    Click on 'Edit Page' in the site builder menu.
    Save the page.

    What is the Page URL listed? Change the Page URL to blogs if you wish to use that. Finish saving the page. Its children should automatically inherit the change unless they had their Page URL manually changed.

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