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ATTACH tags are displayed until edit -_-

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  • ATTACH tags are displayed until edit -_-

    After upgrading from 4.2.5 to 5.6.3a4 we have the problem that images and graphics in inline attachments (ATTACH tag) are not parsed correctly in old posts, the tags are displayed plaintext.
    As soon as you press "edit" and directly call the preview, the images and graphics are rendered correctly already in the preview view. If you save the post, the images are shown ok.

    In earlier versions, we remember that the postcache could be rebuilt in such cases, but we cannot find such a function in vb5. I tried like all "delete cache" or rebuild options I could find in the admincp and with the tools.php - but nothing helped so far.

    Is there any other way then clicking edit on every post and save it?
    Paul M. 14.12.2012: You already know vB4 isnt being worked on atm, so of course no bugs are going to have been fixed in the last few months, nor are they going to get fixed "now".

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    Unfortunately, I don't know how to update every post. In vBulletin 5, the BB Code is parsed at display time not on save. This is the opposite of vBulletin 3.x and 4.X which would parse them at save. The new methodology actually enables several new functions.

    I can only think of two things that would cause this to happen... 1) You didn't have BB Code on during the upgrade. 2) there is a UTF-8 character in the string that is getting interpreted improperly. To determine which it was and develop a method to correct the issue, we would need a copy of the before and after upgrade databases.
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