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  • Highlight text in a post

    I migrate from Yabb, and some messages are highlighted, formated as:

    Is a way in vbulletin to convert [highlight] code and make the text highlighted?

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    You can create custom BBCode within the AdminCP under Custom BB Code -> Add New BBCode. However, vBulletin already has a Highlight BBCode. It is supposed to be used on search results but hasn't worked in vBulletin 5. There is an open bug on this here:

    This never really seemed to have any priority with customers so more important issues have been worked on over the years. I guess this is because it doesn't appear that anything is actually broken. Plus there is a fairly easy workaround for this. You can fix it on your site by adding CSS code to the system for it.

    .highlight {background-color:yellow;color:black}

    You can place that in your css_additional.css template. Styles -> Style Manager. Click the <<>> button for your style to see the template list. Double click on CSS Templates to see them. Double click on css_additional.css to edit it.
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      Thank you Wayne Luke, now works fine!!


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