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  • Time Limit on Editing of Posts

    I just found that one of my users had deleted the contents of all her old posts. This is not desirable because my forum relies on keeping a record of all discussions, however old.

    In Usergroup Manager I found that this usergroup had the right "Can Edit Own Posts" but not "Can Delete Own Posts". The user had solved this by just replacing all text in the posts with a ' . '.

    When looking at help for "Can Edit Own Posts" I saw, "This permission allows members of this usergroup to edit their own posts. This permission works in conjunction with the "Time Limit on Editing of Posts" setting in your vBulletin options.". However, I cannot find any such option.

    Does it exist? I seem to remember it from an earlier version. I'm now running vB5.6.2.

    I know I can set it to 'No', but I'd like to give everyone a short period, say, 10 minutes, in which to fix typos. But not years, as in this case.

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    It is a channel permission in vBulletin 5. When looking at the list of Channel Permissions, it is actually the very first permission in the list.

    Time Limit for Editing Posts (hr)
    A value of 0 means unlimited time, fractions of hours are allowed.

    Will have to have the help updated. If you have the edit reason message turned on, then you should be able to click on the "last edited by" text and view the post history. This will allow you to restore the text of the posts if you wish.
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