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Suggestions needed: Running "online-bookmarks" inside of the forum

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  • Suggestions needed: Running "online-bookmarks" inside of the forum

    Hi there

    I am running the independant forum of a fans of a audio/hifi-company (
    There are several other companies around which offers repair, revision, enhancement and other services for product of ReVox.
    Now I had the idea to maintain a list of such companies inside of the forum.
    The goal is that the users can suggest me such companies and I will add them to a page somehow like "online-bookmarks".
    For each company I would maintain the following attributes: name, url to the homepage, a few words to what they offer (or even better predefined tags).

    Has anybody an idea who it could add sucht a page to my vb-forum?

    Many thanks in advance.

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    You can use a Static HTML Module on a custom page to handle links to user sites.
    1. Open Site Builder by clicking on the "Edit Site" toggle.
    2. Click "New Page" in the Site Builder menu at the top of the page.
    3. Add the "Page Title" module.
    4. Add the Static HTML module.
    5. Edit the Static HTML Module by clicking its pencil icon.
    6. Add your custom linking HTML into the Static HTML Module.
    7. Save the module.
    8. Save the page. Remember its name and case sensitive URL.
    9. Click on "Navigation Bar" in the Site Builder module.
    10. Add a new navigation link to your page using its name and case sensitive URL.
    11. Save the Navigation.
    Translations provided by Google.

    Wayne Luke
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