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Groups error, Channel Permissions for Groups, etc.

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  • Groups error, Channel Permissions for Groups, etc.

    1. Going to Groups sometimes gives this error and does not display the groups -

    Search result already expired, please try a new search.

    When the above error pops up, the URL is - /social-groups?display_groups=display_grid

    On clicking My Groups, it displays just the subscribed groups without the error but going back to Groups gives the same error showing no groups.

    2. Channel Permissions is hard to navigate and locate with too much scrolling and similar looking data looping all over. If users create 200 blogs, it will result in several pages of scrolling with permissions for each user type under each blog. Instead, navigation should be laid out by Channel > Category > channel name > Permissions for user types for least scrolling and easy to locate.

    I have not modified any channel permissions.

    Using v5.6
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    1) Upgrading to 5.6.1 should resolve this issue. Refreshing the page should also let it do so.

    2) In general, it is acknowledged that this page needs to be updated. However it is not a high priority at this time. We don't really spend a lot of time making the AdminCP "pretty." Mainly because unlike the front-end the HTML is embedded within the PHP files. This makes changes not only make time consuming but more difficult and likely to introduce additional bugs. When we start refactoring layout, it can easily escalate and drain resources into a never ending rabbit hole. Still this is something we want to do one day.

    The Channel Permission page is laid out by Channel Type -> Category -> Channel Name -> Usergroups. That is all the blogs will appear under Blogs. The more layers and channels you create, the more difficult the page will be navigate. You can change the layout to show less information under Settings -> Options -> AdminCP Options. Change "Forum Manager Display" to suit your needs. Though, I find that using the search tool in your browser (CTRL-F on most PCs) will help you get to where you need quickly on this page.
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