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Capctha problems - 1st June

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  • Capctha problems - 1st June

    I have not made any changes to the site for around 4 weeks, but today i have had reports of reCaptcha 2.0 not working.
    Users are getting an error that says Image verification unsuccessful due to incorrect reCAPTCHA parameters. Contact the Admin.

    When I switch off the reCAPTHCA for Searching, the message switches to your criteria is not restrictive enough and might return too many results. Please restrict the criteria and try again.

    The behaviour appears different from a PC perspective to a Mobile device. I don't see it on my laptop, but I do see it on my phone.
    I did try to search for other occurrences of this, but could not find anything similar or recent.

    What is causing this ? How can I fix it ?
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    Make sure your Public and Private Keys are still valid in the AdminCP.

    The two errors aren't really related. The second would depend on the search terms used.
    Translations provided by Google.

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      The Captcha key has not been touched, and by switching off the use of it on the Search function, it then triggers the Criteria is not restrictive enough when clicking on new Posts.
      My suspicion is that something int he middle is broken, i.e a Server that provides the Captcha verification of some sory of key.
      I'll check that now.
      Webmaster - Mustang Owners Club of Great Britain


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