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Edit Page - HTML/PHP Module: variable expansion

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  • Wayne Luke
    vBulletin Markup as you have defined is not supported in Modules. The modules wouldn't even know the values of those variables.

    The Static HTML module supports the following shortcodes: {sitename}, {userid}, {username}, {musername}, {registerurl}, {activationurl}, {helpurl}, {contacturl}, {homeurl}, {date}.

    The PHP module requires that you initialize and retrieve any content that you want to display. It does not support the shortcodes or vBulletin Markup. The guide for using PHP is available at The vBulletin API can be see at

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  • Kalani
    started a topic Edit Page - HTML/PHP Module: variable expansion

    Edit Page - HTML/PHP Module: variable expansion

    I am not able to get variable expansion to work within the Edit Page -> HTML or PHP Modules.

    When I add an HTML or PHP Module to the page and include the sole contents of: {vb:var userinfo.username}

    It prints the string "{vb:var userinfo.username}" rather than evaluating the username.

    What needs done to make this work?

    As well, is there a guide for using the PHP Module?

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