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3.8.8 to 5.6.1 - Missing Features

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  • 3.8.8 to 5.6.1 - Missing Features

    The community I've been on for 15+ years has been limping along on v3.8 (not managed by me) so I set up 5.6 which I am running .... my first VB site.

    I may just be missing these options in the settings but is there a way to:
    1. Make all pictures show up on the post and not turn into thumbnails?
    2. Open a topic to the last page, or most recent post?
    3. Enable a 'Jump to Forum' drop down a the bottom of the site?
    4. Enable users to jump to a certain page, like pictured:
      1. Click image for larger version

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    1. Insert the images into the post using the links next to the image in the attachment panel. Images used on Gallery posts (clicking on the camera) can't be inserted inline.
    2. If you use the Notifications system, it will take you to the location of the notification. This should correspond with the first unread post. In the topic list, there will be an icon next to the title that takes you to the first unread post as well. The latest post column will take you to the last post. These last two things work exactly like they did in 3.X.
    3. This is not possible in the current software. Even in vBulletin 3, this was a major resource issue.
    4. There is pagination within the topic at the top and bottom. Not on the channel list. This again was a major resource issue before because each user can define the amount of posts per page. It becomes even more complicated with soft deleted posts, unapproved posts, and ignored posts either being shown or stripped depending the user viewing the topic.
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