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    This was popular on our forums in vB3 but I can't see how to use it in vB5? I've done a lot of looking and while it seems to be tied into polls (which we do use frequently) I can't see any options for thread or topic rating like we used to have.

    Looking for help on this.

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    So I can view the permission state for rating topics but there is now sign of a permission to that can be set.


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      You may need a modification code to obtain that, or you can hire a vB freelancer to make custom code for you.
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        So it's no longer in vB5?


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          Thread ratings was removed in vBulletin 5 and replaced with the 'Likes' system.

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            OK, in my humble but sincere opinion the Likes and thread rating options fulfil entirely different functions (one is for the thread as a whole and the other is for individual posts) so - as I suspect you may already have gleaned from others - this was not a great redesign decision.

            Is there any likelihood of the Thread rating option being reinstated?


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              Interesting. I hold the opposite view - With the old system only a few users rated a few threads, so the results weren't worth anything.

              I'd rather like something based on likes, but for the whole thread - what about a function that automatically compares the number of likes to the total posts in a thread, and rates the thread based on this?


              • delicjous
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                This idea is not bad. Get threadpoints for likes compared with publishdate (older will have more likes so less points), answers and views. Points will fill stars. I do work on a fivestar threadreview (manuel by User)
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              When you view the topic listing in a channel, the number of likes should reflect the amount likes for the topic starter only. You can also sort Topics by Likes when using the Filter.
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                The work-arounds are interesting but we need to separate post likes from thread likes - in my view a thread like is based on the entire content of the thread. I have loads of topics that have loads of post likes but the starting post has none so this looks bad in the channel list. I'd much rather have this than user reputation, for example.


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