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    We recently re-indexed the search and have included all words with 2 characters now. This works perfectly fine. Now, we want to search for DX-200. When I put dx-200 in the search box, it returns all posts with either dx or 200 (or both). So far so good. I do have a couple of questions however:

    1. As I understand, DX, 200 and DX-200 are indexed as three separate words and the system will return result accordingly. If I sort the result for relevance, I would expect all posts that have both words on top of the list. This however is not what happens. What exactly is the definition of relevance here? What does the software do?

    2. As I understand typing a + sign before the words I want included in the result, the software will only return results that have both words included. However, trying doing this gives zero results. Searching for +dx +200 should give a list of posts that have dx-200 included, correct? I have also tried other combinations of words, without the expected result.

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    Relevance is a bit complicated. It is calculated based on where the word appears in the text and how old the post is. If the word is near the beginning of the text in a new post than it is more relevant than a 30 day old post where the word is at the end of the text. There is an entire class of code dedicated to calculating this. I don't know the rationale behind the design of the calculations.

    When you have a hyphenated word such as dx-200, the system will index dx, 200, and dx-200. This is specifically to allow hyphenated words to be indexes based on how a user is likely to enter them into the search box. There could be a bug where +dx and +200 will not always return dx-200 simply because it would have been assumed that you would use dx-200 to look for dx-200.

    I am sure there could be improvements along the way.
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