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private group topics appears in search result

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  • private group topics appears in search result

    Dear staff,

    i had an embarrassing issue, i set a group as private, here is the setting:

    Type: invite only
    Permission & privacy: who can view my group: Group members
    can post: Group members

    but i discover "likes" on this private group topics from "registered users" who are not members, in deed private topics appear in search module: latest group topics,

    did i miss something to make it really private group with private topics ?

    thank you for your efforts to give help during these days, God bless you

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    is there a solution For this issue or any information needed to reproduce the issue ? thank you for help


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      Guessing, I would say that somewhere in the list of channels the "Can Always View Channel" and "Can Alway Reply" permissions are set for the registered users. This will allow them to interact with private channels. What are the channel permissions on the Groups channel and its children? You will need to look at both the Registered User, Channel Members usergroup, and any custom groups that you're providing on the site. If you use Additional Usergroups, then you need to check any other usergroup assigned to the users.
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        i verified the "Can Always View Channel" and "Can Always Reply" permissions for all usergroups:

        all usergroups have "no" permission, except for "administrators" and "super moderators", they have "yes" permission,

        of course the "suspicious" like on topics in a private group (see setting above) comes from member who belongs to "registered users" usergroup,

        i tested this by creating a user who belong to "registered users" usergroup, same result: i can see topics of the private group in the "search module", the "search module" is set to display latest groups topics, from "the search module" i just could have access to like the topic.


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