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  • [Bug / Issue] search result

    Dear staff,

    there is very critical issue (vb 5.6.0), after doing some activity in groups (posting, join, subscribe) and when user come back to Groups main page, there is no content and a message is showing:

    Click image for larger version  Name:	group.png Views:	0 Size:	17.9 KB ID:	4437674

    this problem occurs unpredictably,

    same issue after refresh, i should clear cache from admin panel to make it working again,

    is there solution for this issue ? thank you very much for help

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    there is another (trivial) error linked (maybe) to this topic, when i reorganize memberlist by "last visit", when Arabic is on i get search result error, when english is on every thing is ok.
    so maybe this is linked to rtl language (Arabic) which is used on the website, the images above are in english because i switched to english after error was produced to make screenshot,

    this 2nd search error produce systematically, the search error in the topic produce unpredictably

    or maybe no link between these 2 errors, and between these 2 errors and rtl use,
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      There is an issue with search caching that can cause it to get deleted prematurely. This will be fixed in 5.6.1.

      The memberlist also has an issue when using foreign languages and filtering because a phrase is used in the query for some reason. I don't know specifically when this will get fixed. Hopefully in 5.6.2.

      The two issues are unrelated. Node and User searches are not interlinked and do not use the same APIs.
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      Wayne Luke
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        satisfying response, God bless Wayne


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