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  • count topic and members in parent channel

    Dear staff,

    i create a parent-channel in Group ( my example: tsmava ), i create several groups in this parent-channel, these groups has many members, topics and comments,

    my question:

    in main Group page, in the line of parent-channel (tsmava), why statistic only shows cumulative number of comments ? (members =0 and topics = 0)

    i tried to set (tsmava) as channel and as category, i get same result,

    Doesn't it make sense that the statistics column of a parent-channel shows all the cumulative numbers (members, topics, comments) of the subgroups ?

    thank you for your help,

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    Active Group Channels aren't really designed to have children. That is groups that allow their own topics and discussions. You should use Group Categories and show these on the Group Category module.
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      unfortunately that a parent channel in Groups only show cumulative number of comments (topic and replies ) of subgroups and it show it very well on the statistic column in Group main page,
      but not for members and topics statistics,

      why unfortunately, because:

      - a parent channel has already the possibility to be set as category (or channel), so it display well in "Group home module", it's not the case (i guess) if it was created as category (Admin Cp/Groups/.. )

      - a parent channel has the possibility to have icon, and it's not the case if it was created as category

      - if it was created as category all groups will be shown in the Group main page, it would be confusing, if it was parent-channel it will be more compact and categorized display,

      i see how group categories are shown in VB Forum in channel category navigation module i guess,

      i think i will make concessions on perfect statistics and keep the choice of parent channel which is "almost" perfect, until maybe a future update,

      thank you very much Wayne for your clarification, i really appreciate all your help


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