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    Hello, I wanted to know if there was a possibility of making a website like page on vbulletin without having to code HTML.

    I'm trying to make a website with a forum included. But I can't seem to make a Page good enough.

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    It's literally impossible to make a web page without HTML and CSS. If you give us an idea of what you are trying to achieve there might be existing templates available somewhere.


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      Depends on what you're trying to do. There are many ways to create HTML. Maybe not the best HTML but ways to create it without learning it.

      If you have Microsoft Word or some variation of Open Office, you can create documents and save them as HTML.

      If you know Markdown, you can use it and then use a conversion tool. This is how I write the Announcements for new releases. I write them in Markdown because it is less messy and easier to read. I think convert them to HTML using Microsoft's Visual Studio Code editor.

      You can find an HTML Editor like CoffeeCup HTML.

      In the long run, you don't need to know it all to work with vBulletin. Just headers and paragraphs to start.
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