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CMS Channel Display Module - how to filter articles?

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  • CMS Channel Display Module - how to filter articles?

    in vB4 ist was possible exactly to define which articles were shown on the welcome page of the cms. It was even possible to define the order of the articles.

    In vB5 this list is generated with the Article Channel Display Module. This module has no filter options. How can i configure which articles are displayed at the welcome page of the CMS?

    Thanky for any help

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    There is no way to do this in the Article Display Module at this time.

    You can create a Search Module that shows specific nodes and use this to show specific articles.

    Add a search module to the page. Click on the text at the top to switch to the Advanced Editor. Change the JSON to something like:

    1,2,3,4 would be the Node IDs of the articles. You can see these in the individual Article URLs. The Node ID will be the number before the article title. For example the Node ID of this topic is 4437279
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