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    I worked on CK Editor before and remember we need to edit the javascript file to change the editor font.

    In vB, where do we set the default font for editor?

    There is css_editor.css template with this -

    font: {vb:stylevar post_content_font};

    Not sure if this is the place to set it.

    I need my forum to have consistent font.


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    You could do that but if you're using the same font everywhere then it's easier to set the global_header_font and global_text_font stylevars. Setting those two will cause every other stylevar to inherit the font(s) you set.


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      You can change it there. This will change the default. Users can still change the font in their individual posts with the editor.
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        I changed "global_text_font" to Verdana,Helvetica... but the editor font does not change to Verdana (while editing).

        Then I changed the "post_content_font" style-var to Verdana,Helvetica... but still the editor font does not default to Verdana (while editing).

        however, after saving the posting, the content is displayed in Verdana (maybe due to global_text_font). It’s not consistent - the editor shows a different font while editing but page displays in Verdana after editing is over.

        I worked on cke editor before, it can be configured in its JavaScript file and it worked and displayed Verdana default font while editing too. It doesn’t work now in vb even afte the variable is set in JavaScript template.

        Please advise...

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