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Changing Inline Mod Highlight Color?

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  • Changing Inline Mod Highlight Color?

    In my new 'dark theme', whenever a moderator or admin selects a post to move, edit, etc, the highlighted post is hard to read. Using the web inspector I found the .inlinemod_highlight code in the templates (css_global.css, css_b_post.css, & css_b_post.css), and instead of a stylevar, it seems to be hardcoded to be #D6E8EF. Looks like there are some code comments about needing to update it and assign it a style var. What is the best way to go about changing this color to be something darker, such as #394E8A? CSS code? Just change the three templates?

    Click image for larger version

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    Thanks for putting up with my dumb questions. I feel like I'm slowly learning.
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    Use CSS to override the default CSS. Simply change the HEX value of the color as needed. Add the entire code to your css_additional.css template.

    .stream-view .inlinemod-item.inlinemod_highlight,
    .topic-list .inlinemod-item.inlinemod_highlight,
    .blog-conversation-content-widget.conversation-content-widget .list-item.conversation-starter.inlinemod-item.inlinemod_highlight,
    .blog-conversation-content-widget.conversation-content-widget .list-item.conversation-starter.inlinemod-item.inlinemod_highlight .list-item-body-wrapper {
    background:#D6E8EF !important;


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      Thank you! Didn't work at first, but adding this at the beginning worked: .inlinemod_highlight .b-post__body,
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      • In Omnibus
        In Omnibus commented
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        Looks like I failed to copy part of the CSS. Fingers faster than brain. Sorry about that.

      • zkengle
        zkengle commented
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        Not a problem at all! You gave me enough information that I could attempt to troubleshoot the rest. Much appreciated.

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