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Issues after forum migration

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  • Issues after forum migration

    I seem to have made the error on asking the ne whost to migrate the forums assuming experts are a better shot than me.

    However after completion I could not access the domain, putting the forums in a directory under public_html aint going to work, bad omen for sure !

    So directories moved, chmod done on file attach under www and css folder set to 777 also new DB/UN prefixes set in config.php but I am now getting either badly rendered pages and unable to login and going to admincp direct just says password invalid, reset but of course nowehere to get to the link :-(

    Should have prepped and moved the damn instance myself then it would only be my own fault

    An pointers appreciated but I will upload tools and move the css back into DB.


    Thanks In Advance


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    OK, css issues fixed with tools, pages rendering fine but passwords not working now.

    Cannot login and cannot reset as if authentication has failed, I can remeber this issue from before and it was a settings differnce between the original DB instance and the target even although the .swl file was inported fine.

    Password reminder also failed not recognise email address. Seems the queries cannot find the data at a guess


    Thanks In Advance



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      OK, managed to fix most issues but users still having major issues logging in (bad passwords and cant reset)

      The default on the new host os php 7.0 and I have now changed that to 7.4

      custom avatar problem so i just moved them back to database for now. That sorted

      From update tools everything runs fine.

      Diagnostics wise same except same issue I had with BH before moving to A2

      A2 now have same issues on Diagnostics so thats a bit of a bummer.

      AJAX Unicode Issue - Yes


      The above setting will indicate if mod_security is preventing some AJAX requests from being submitted to vBulletin.

      If this shows Yes then you either need to disable mod_security or discuss this issue with your server administrator to whitelist the prevented actions.
      The lack of ability for users to login/use/reset passwords is the biggest pain, so that needs fixed first. I have opened a ticket with A2 to investigate the problematic web serve module results

      Thanks In Advance



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        Well host support came back pretty quickly

        Thank you for reply. We have checked and see the error in the dashboard however after checking server logs we do not see any mod_security rules being triggered.
        I arranged admin login for support so they can run diagnostics and trap any triggered errors at same time.

        So what has been requested is a more detailed description from vB of the compatibility issues or at least what configurations are checked for that would return the error from the Diagnostics tab in the AdminCP so they can investigate more closely.

        Thanks In Advance



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          Ask your hosts to turn mod_security off for your account briefly, then test if the log in form works.

          Also have the browser console open when you try to log in and see what errors are showing there.

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            I did a restore of the database again myself and that wiped out the login errors, the blacnk box i will need to borrow an ioS device to test

            Some issues still exist.

            One change I did notice was in the ACP PHP version (originally PHP7.0 now 7.4.2) and MySQL version which is now 10.3.21-MariaDB-cll-lve

            Is there anything else I should be checking with Maria ?


            Thanks In Advance



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              I did not have a long list of issues but moving hosts seemed like only way to see a difference. Starting to think I should just have took vBcloud instead !

              Issue 1, failure to login with safari - to be checked when I can borrow a IoS device.

              Issue 2, cannot drag thumbnails to different position in post, itc reates a little place holder instead. - Still present


              The ability to move thumbnails around correctly and re-order worked fine in 5.5.5, it appeared in 5.5.6

              Issue 3, could not post attachment with reply
              Wayne Luke
              vBulletin Technical Support Lead
              Wayne Luke and moving hosts seems to have FIXED that one !!!

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              Thanks In Advance



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