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  • Lost forum.php

    Hi all

    Hoping someone can help, I am very new to this.
    Our website was hacked (we think) before christmas and whilst I have managed to sort most of it out, our link from our website to our Forum is generating a 404 error. Sure enough, the forum.php file is nowhere to be seen in the location WordPress is expecting it, and when I look at a backup from 2017, it still isnt there, yet it was working! I extracted the whole site just beofre christmas via ftp and ran a search for forum.php, but it came back with about 20 results, none of which are from the location expected and they all appear to have different content.
    I'm unsure how to proceed, and whether there is anything I can do to sort this out.
    We are (were!) using vBullitin 5.1.6
    Thanks in advance

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    There is no file named forum.php in vBulletin 5. This is a vBulletin 4 file that should have been deleted when you upgraded to vBulletin 5. Calls to forum.php should be redirected to index.php using the .htaccess file we provided and vBulletin 5 will try to figure out where it needs to go.

    You should upgrade to 5.5.6. vBulletin 5.1.6 is no longer supported and will have problems operating correctly on modern versions of PHP.
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    Wayne Luke
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