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Admin blocked from starting blog

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  • Admin blocked from starting blog

    As admin, I can't seem to get a blog started, get this error: Sorry, you are not authorized to view this page

    I saw this issue in another thread, but their solution didn't work for me.

    What are all the permissions to check for the blog system?

    Admin usergroup: can create blog - checked yes

    Maximum channels set to 99

    Admin is added to cms author and editor.

    Not sure what else to look for. It works on one forum but not the other. I tried matching permissions, but am probably missing some.

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    Do admins have the "Can Create Channel" permission under Usergroups -> Usergroup Manager and under Usergroups -> Channel Permissions for the Blog Channel?
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      Can create channel yes.

      Channel permissions - that was it, had to change max channels to higher than 0.

      Thanks that worked!


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