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How to give permissions for limited cpanel use?

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  • How to give permissions for limited cpanel use?

    How can I give a user limited access to Cpanel to approve members?

    The cpanel is limited to mostly basic stuff, but the user can lookup full Admins such as myself and could possibly change our usergroup to a regular user.

    Is there a way to limit this so they cannot mess with admin's accounts?

    Yes, I trust this person and I wouldn't give any access to anyone that I didn't trust, but how can it be done?

    I was only able to do this by making the user account an admin and then limiting most of the admin permissions.

    What is the preferred way to go about all of this?

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    You can protect Admin users by adding them to the "Undeletable Users" list in the /core/includes/config.php file. The place you need to alter looks like this:

        //    ****** UNDELETABLE / UNALTERABLE USERS ******
        //    The userids specified here will not be deletable or alterable from the control panel b y any users.
        //    To specify more than one user, separate userids with commas.
    $config['SpecialUsers']['undeletableusers'] = '';
    Put a comma delimited list of numerical user IDs between the ''.
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      Of course id will be longer, but that's it?

      $config['SpecialUsers']['undeletableusers'] = '123,456,789';


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        While you are editing the config.php file you may also want to edit the section directly below:

        // ****** SUPER ADMINISTRATORS ******
        // The userids specified below will have permission to access all areas of vBulletin 5.
        // Note that this is different to vB3 & vB4 where they only had extra permissions in the
        // Admin Control Panel. Be very careful who you grant this super power to.
        // The name of this setting has changed from superadministrator to superadmins.
        // This is to avoid the accidental granting of this permission when using older config files.
        $config['SpecialUsers']['superadmins'] = '1';

        Only SuperAdministrators can edit the permissions of other Administrators.


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          Both worked, thanks!


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