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    After several years I've acquired 95 pages (around 4000) of tags to feed my tag cloud. That is way too much, and most of those are meaningless (I'm not sure how all of those got there in the first place).

    Is there a way to completely remove all tags and start from scratch? I can see that it's possible to select one and one and delete them, but I dread doing this for all the tags.

    (vB 5.5.5)

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    You can manage tags in the AdminCP under Tagging. You can select tags and delete them from the system. You can merge synonyms into a single tag search.

    In vBulletin 5.6.0, we're adding searches to allow you to find unused tags and remove them.
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      Yes, I found that, but it seems I manually have to select all 4000+ tags. There is a "Deselect all tags", but I'd like a "Select all tags" as well.


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        ...but anyway, guess I can live with this until 5.5.6. Thanks.


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