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Using Edit Site Feature, disabled links into Forums

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  • Using Edit Site Feature, disabled links into Forums

    Have a VB5 install on a test server in prep for upgrading a 4 version, all going really well, I attempt to change some wording of one of the Forum subcategories in the new "Edit Site" function (GUI) and somehow have totally disabled links into 3 sub-forums. So Main Forum -> Main Category -> then there are three different forums where the link is now /forum/# which obviously doesn't do anything, so I can't event get into the GUI to see what the issue is. I was experimenting with removing the /forum/forum links earlier but reverted those. Is there a fix for this? Geez, what a bite in the rear end, apparently self inflicted.

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    What version of PHP are you using?

    You can fix this by following these steps:
    1. Upload the /core/install directory to your server.
    2. Upload tools.php from your do_not_upload directory to the /core/install directory.
    3. Load this in your browser.
    4. Enter your Customer ID.
    5. Choose the 'Scan Content Tables' menu entry.
    6. Delete the /core/install directory when you're finished.
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      We're running the latest PHP. It resolved itself, and I'm not sure how. Suspect it was from running some maintenance tools but just a guess. Taken me awhile to get the hang of the new GUI for updating the site, and my lack of experience on that likely caused this. Seems to work well now. I appreciate the reply.


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