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Comments don't update the last post time stamp

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  • Comments don't update the last post time stamp

    I realise a comment isn't really a post but it does amount to new activity on that topic - can it be made to update the last post time stamp or is there an option for a new activity time stamp?

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    Please see this issue:

    Resolving this isn't currently on our radar. The change was made by customer request. They did not want comments to update this information and bump the topic to the top of the page. However if you think that should change, then you should 1) Vote for the Issue and 2) add a comment on how this impacts you and your site.

    If Comments don't work for you, then you can turn them off either Globally or per usergroup.
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    • imager
      imager commented
      Editing a comment
      Comments are popular but people don't agree with the customer you mentioned. The solution would be to make this optional, so maintaining the best for both.

    • Wayne Luke
      Wayne Luke commented
      Editing a comment
      Possibly. Settings like this can get complicated. Commenting on the open issue and voting for it is the best way to move forward. I am not against adding options but vBulletin has 395 options plus 483 module options, 13 usergroups, and something like 75 permissions already. Adding more will need a good reason and community support.

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