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Setting up vB5 to upgrade a vB3 forum

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  • Setting up vB5 to upgrade a vB3 forum

    I have three vB forums and I have upgraded two by simply closing them down, running the upgrade script, reopening access and then going through a long list of reconfigurations and fixes, plus adding new headers and menus etc. This is fine on the two sites I've done so far because they are quiet. My main site is much busier and I'd like to reduce the disruption as much as possible.

    I have read some guides on installing vB alongside an existing installation but the database aspect of this method looks very confusing to me.

    How can I set up the new forum installation so it can be configured and styled and then populate it with the accounts and posts, etc. of the old live forum?

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    The short answer is, you can’t. vBulletin 5 is completely different product from vBulletin 3, and the database structures are completely different. There is no way to import posts from a vB3 forum into what would by then be an existing vB5 forum.

    Major upgrades involve downtime, with any software. There is no getting away from that.

    What you CAN do is make a complete, private copy of your vB3 forum and upgrade that, allowing you to style it etc. Then when you’re ready, upgrade the live forum and then export the styles from the test forum and import them to the live.
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